Overview: We will always strive to meet your needs and expectations, but it is crucial to have a written agreement to ensure that both parties understand their responsibilities and the consequences of any errors. This contract is designed to be straightforward and easily understandable, devoid of complex legal jargon or lengthy passages. We have no intention of deceiving you into signing something you might regret later. We aim to achieve the best possible outcome for both parties. As our customer, you are purchasing a website for your business and a Maintenance, Hosting, and Care Plan. Julie Oswin, Creative Web Design, agrees to design and develop the website for a mutually agreed price and ongoing Hosting, Maintenance, & Care Plan, including 24/7 Backups and support at a monthly fee of £29.95, payable through a Direct Debitor and for international clients a Stripe Subscription Payment Plan once the website has been built and approved.

Mutual Agreement: By signing this contract, you have the authority to bind yourself, your company, or your organisation to its terms. You are responsible for providing us with the necessary assets and information in the requested formats to complete the website. You will review our work, offer feedback, and provide timely approval. Deadlines work both ways, meaning you must adhere to the agreed-upon dates. You also agree to comply with the payment schedule and plan. We possess the necessary expertise and capability to deliver everything specified professionally and on time. We will meet the deadlines and uphold the confidentiality of any information you provide. Additionally, we will provide ongoing support and maintenance for your website.

Design Services: We will create responsive and adaptable designs using HTML and CSS for different devices and screen sizes. Visuals may serve as indications of the creative direction. You will have multiple opportunities to review our work and provide feedback. If you change your mind or are unsatisfied with our work at any stage, you will be required to compensate us for the time spent collaborating with you. At that point, the contract will be terminated.

Written Content: Unless otherwise agreed, we are not responsible for creating the textual content or providing images for your website. However, we can provide copywriting services and supply the written content and images for each section as requested.

Changes and Revisions: Throughout the process, you can modify your requirements. Our price is based on an estimated timeline to achieve our mutually agreed goals. If you request additional work beyond the original scope, we can provide a separate estimate.

Testing: We will test your website on the latest versions of major desktop browsers. Your website will be optimised for different devices and platforms and be 100% responsive as required by Google.

Delivery and Backup: Once your website is ready to go live, we will add basic search engine optimisation (SEO) and provide daily backups. We regularly monitor websites to minimise any disruptions or downtime. Your website will be added to a 24/7 monitoring system that alerts us to any issues or downtime. Currently, our websites maintain an uptime of 99.98%.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): While we optimise your website for search engines, we cannot guarantee improvements in your search engine ranking. We offer a Premium SEO upgrade that includes tailor-made keywords and optimisation.

Hosting, Maintenance, and Care Plan: We provide a maintenance and care plan that covers updates, 24/7 backups, and overall website health. Our plan also incorporates security measures and daily backups.

Legal and Technical Terms: We conduct our work in accordance with industry standards and with qualified professionals. However, we cannot guarantee a completely error-free outcome. We will not be held liable for any damages, and your liability is limited to the contract price. In the event that any provision of the contract is deemed unlawful or unenforceable, it will not affect the remaining provisions.

Intellectual Property Rights: You guarantee that the written content you provide is original or you have the right to use it. You also agree that any images used belong to you or have been appropriately acquired.

Displaying Our Work: We reserve the right to exhibit our work if it does not violate confidentiality agreements.

Payment Schedule: Prompt payment is essential for a small business. By agreeing to this contract, you commit to the payment schedule, which includes a 25% deposit to secure our services and a monthly fee of £29.95 for the Hosting, Maintenance, and Care Plan. Additional charges may apply for international transfers and overdue payments.

Fine Print: This contract may not be transferred without permission. We agree to comply with applicable Laws and Regulations and not cause the other party to breach any relevant laws. The contract remains in effect and does not require renewal. It is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of English and Welsh courts.

Agreement: By signing this contract, you acknowledge your agreement to the monthly Hosting, Maintenance & Care Plan, which will commence once your website is live. You confirm that you understand and accept the above-stated Terms and Conditions.

I confirm that I agree with the Terms & Conditions of Booking.

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Signed ________________________________

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T&Cs dated as at 1.10.2023